LiveSift - Live Participant Engagement

1 Choose Activities

2 Engage Participants

3 Record Results

Select and customize group activities, like polling, ranking, brainstorming, evaluation, and Q&A sessions.

Watch out for more activities to come as we are continuously working on developing more activities to support your needs.

Add as many activities as you want together in an agenda.

Whether you want to do idea brainstorming followed by proposal evaluation in your team meeting, or poll a large audience on various issues, LiveSift supports it effortlessly.

While livesifting you can easily add more activities on the fly when needed.

Participants can use any Internet enabeled device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.) to join in the activities.

No downloading, installing, or registration is needed.

Participants can get involved immediately by going to and enter the livesift code for your meeting or event.

It works just as fast for your small team meetings, as for conferences and large events.

The group results are calculated in real-time and can be displayed immediately on a shared screen to inform participants and inform further discussions.

Data visualizations are animated as participants submit their input.

LiveSift automatically generates your reports for you, including results from all activities, participant counts, time spent, and other activity data.

Reports can be made available to participants.

Rich data about participant engagement and interactions are collected to provide insight to decision maker.